Antelope MKII

The full size UltraSlowMotion Camera System supports Framerates up to 5.350 fps in native HD with no compression or image processing.

Antelope Pico

The small POV UltraSlowMotion. Up to 350 fps make the difference when space is limited and when you are looking for new vantage points.

Antelope Air

The only true wireless RF Ultra SlowMotion with framerates up to 5.350 fps and full RF remote control of camera telemetry and replay controls.

Specialized Camera Systems

POV Cameras

For vantage points where no other camera has gone before. Highest quality paired with smallest dimensions are the key for spectacular content.


Remote controlled Pan/Tilt heads for remote operation.


The famous mini-crane. Easy to mount, providing dynamic action with different cameras including the Antelope PICO.

Cranes and Rails

When movement makes the difference. Create thrilling footage with a travelling camera.

Super Slow Motion

No UltraSlowMotion needed ? Choose a 3x/6x or 8x Super Slow Motion to have stutter-free replays.

Broadcast Products

Cobra Link

A compact form factor broadcast transmitter. It transmits video, audio, data and power over a single SMPTE hybrid fiber cable.


The Antelope COLIBRI is a unique REAL-TIME deflicker solution compatible with highspeed camera systems of all brands.


Broadcast Hard Disk Server for UltraSLowMotion, SSL recording, Highlight edit and much more.

Broadcast Lenses

A wide range of B4 and PL mount lenses for film and broadcast.


TV Production Solutions

No matter if you need equipment or crew, LMC supplies a wide range of items for your TV production. From simple solutions up to multi-camera setups both professional equipment and flexible crew are available.

Project Realisation

Professional planning including staff recruitment, equipment allocation and sensible time-management are key to a successful production. LMC has a world-wide network of professionals who can realize your projects.

Venue Production

International Single/ and Multi-Sports events require a professional crew and state-of-the-art equipment to make the client happy and finish in style. LMC has professional partners for OB trucks, content production and distribution. Paired with LMC´s special technologies, engineers, production staff, directors, producers and creative crew it will be a both pleasent and successful way taking care of our clients requests.

Graphics / Analysis

TV Graphics / Scouting

Various GFX Engines and specialized control softwares for all kinds of sports, tv shows and feature films.

Virtual Graphics

Sensor- / and Image based systems, with object tracking and stunning interactive graphics.

Pro Tracer

The original ball-tracking system with real time visualization of ballflight and tracked meta data.

Interactive Touchpanel

The modern version of the „telestrator“. With multiple pre-designed tools and recording.

Dartfish Analysis

The state-of-the-art overlaying tool - sensor- / and Image based. Fast and reliable.