Antelope MKII

The Antelope MkIIs Extreme Slow Motion + Live Camera System offers spectacular extreme slow motion replays and details never seen before in live television and filmproduction.

More than 5000 frames per second in native HD will make the difference!

Based on the revolutionary chip technology of Vision Research’s V642, the Antelope MkIIs utilizes the most elaborate signal processing and camera controlling technology.

The unique deflickering technology eliminates lighting related flicker in real-time. Feedback from internationally experienced operators, engineers and producers positions the Antelope MkIIs on top of the available systems regarding integration, operation, image quality and reliability.

The Antelope MkIIs System is fully controllable through one SMPTE optical Fiber. Power supply for camera including lens is provided through the same SMPTE optical fiber cable. The camera also accepts local power (90-240 VAC).


Tally function (red, green, touchdown)

Replay light

Genlock (Black Burst or Tri-Level)

Built in Intercom

Remote updates & maintenance


3D ready

Shoulderpad for portable shooting

One single channel is required for any HD-SDI recorders

Versatile dual HD-SDI output that allows shooting and recording at the same time or 4:4:4 dual link

non-stop recording (Live + Replay outputs)

enhanced detail

Multi Matrix to match standard broadcast cameras

Camera Operator Trigger - Replay can be triggered from the camera

EVS Clip generation - automated clip generation on and EVS when triggering a replay